czwartek, 14 stycznia 2016

Studio Acantus

Have you ever heard of Studio Acantus? It is a group of people from Warsaw who create their own projects. The are working on covering the songs from the popular musicals. All of them have an exceptional, strong voice. I could call them even actors cause while singing they are staying in a character and it looks very professionnal.
Among their impressive covers I would like to mention the next ones:
  • Upiór w operze
  • Wcale nie, ależ tak
  • Hakuna Matata
The most exciting and unexpected fact was that all movies on youtube are not recorded. I mean they are actually singing live. When you will see some videos you will understand my doubts.

Just look at them. The are so genius :)

P.S. I am persuaded that their studio could be the first dubbing company in Poland.

niedziela, 6 grudnia 2015

Honest Trailer

Have you ever lost hours of your precious time to watch horrible movie only because its trailer was really amazing? We all did it at least once. Afterward you just sit there and wonder: How the hell did they manage to put exactly every awesome scene to a 2 minute long trailer and then make 120 minutes more movie which is that awfull. Well, somehow they managed. That's why I recommend to everyone in Earth to watch Honest Trailers on youtube. You won't be wasting your time again to watch bad movies. Instead you'll be wasting time to watch funny clips about horrible movies. So much better way to spend time. isn't it? That's why watch the following ones:

sobota, 28 listopada 2015

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

4 days ago, the 24th november the movie "One flew over the Cuckoo's nest" was celebrating his 40th anniversary. This legendary movie is based on the 1962 novel by Ken Kesey. The well-known actor Jack Nicholson played Randle McMurphy, recidivist who was transefered to a mental institution for evaluation. 

I wanted to tell you some interesting fact about shooting this movie. 

  • Firstival, shooting took place in real clinic, at Oregon State Mental Hospital and dozens of the patients a t the hospitalwere drafted in as extras.
  • Secondly, all of the actors who played patients lived on the hospital throughout production and also were interacting with real psychiatric patients. The purpose was to get a sense f what it was to be hospitalized.  
  • It was the first film to win all "Big five" Academy Awards in 41 year. The film walked away with awards for Besr Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay
If someone accidentaly didn't see this movie yet, you have to hurry up. You aren't obliged to love it but it will touch your heart I swear.

sobota, 31 października 2015

Run fast for

Today I started running at the morning. I already liked this sport and I feel like I won't give up with it. After 10 minutes I felt my legs were running without my help :) I mean I even wasn't conscious about the fact that I actually was running. I presume that my body was controled by someone else, because I was so buried in thought that I wasn't focused on the fact of runnig. This feeling is very intriguing and uncomparable. At this moment you realize how multifunctional you are and how many questions and dialogues you keep in you head every day. And suddenly you stop... you saw the beatiful nature of the fall, in the park you are running, and you want to keep it in you memory so you take a lot of photos. And that's what has inspired me today for this post:

Domowe melodie

If the title of this post didn't remind you of a great musical group from Poland.. then this is what I would like to talk about this time. Justyna "Jucho" Chowaniak is a leader of the team, she's a composer, vocalist and pianist. There is no information about where are they coming from, so dared to write them on facebook and Justyna conifrmed that they lived in Warsaw, unfortunaltely not in Poznan. However, this wonderful trio creats a unique folk and acustic music. The have almost 3 million viewings on youtube, which is a lot as for a polish audience. When I look at them I strongly feel how creative they are, how much they love what they are doing. In november we can meet them in Poznan. They are giving the concert in the Imperial Castle. The ticket costs only 35 PLN. Well... that may be not so cheap for someone but it would worth I hope :)

Here is Justyna's quote about their team:

"Domowe melodie" to projekt kilkunastu własnoręcznie nabazgranych i skomponowanych piosenek. W domu. Razem z płaczem, spalonym garnkiem, gorączką i dziurawą skarpetą. Nagrywam. Rejestruję ulotny fragment mojego życia... Po drodze pojawili się moi muzykanci najlepsi – Staszek i Kuba. I tak sobie klepiemy domowe bit."

Now I leave you with them tet-a-tet, I hope you will apreciate it ;)

sobota, 6 czerwca 2015

Unexpectedly, isn't it?

What a hot day! 

I didn't expect that today, the 6th June the weather will surprise me so much. This morning, when I opened my eyes I knew, that if I moved I would feel the insufferable heat by each pore of my skin.  
It is necessary to remind you that today in Poznań is 32 degrees outside. 
Unbelievable, isn't it?

The heat causes that everyone becomes so lazy and slow, so it can be a quite serious problem just to get up from the bed. However it is always a good idea to save situation in every possible way. 
My roommate and I decided to do a few glass of fresh cocktails. I'd like to add that despite the proximity of the market, it was still a hard challenge for us to go there for some strawberries and bananas. ;) 

But we did it! Thanks to that we're enjoying the best fresh and COLD cocktails ever! :) 

That is my way to fight with the heat, what's YOURS?

poniedziałek, 18 maja 2015

Sleep for free!

A lot of my friends have never heard of site called I would like to devote a today's post to sharing my knowledge about this type of hosting. 
Firstival it will be necessary to emphasis that this is the cheapest way to sleep over in the foreign country. What is more, you sleep at somebody's home, not in a garden, in a cellar or in a squat ;) 
You choose the person, at whom you would like to stay for some time. It is in your interest to ask, in which conditions are you going to sleep, whether you'll have your own room, or will you divide a room with 5 couchsurfers. 
I have spent 2 wonderful weeks in Paris, living with a French girl named Marine. She had a very cute dog and I was helping her with him. It was my gratitude to her for such a nice welcome. 
Thanks to this site I didn't pay an enormous quantity of money for my stay in Paris. I have met a lot of people from Europe, Asia and Africa (they were living at Marina's at the same time). I have practiced my French and English, I have discovered Paris from the different angle. 

But! In spite of the advantages, you have to be really careful, because there can be a few weird and unpleasant people. So you should be picky enough. 

Have a nice trip! ;)